Group lesson with a small number of students
This is a group lesson held once per week with a small number of students (minimum number of students – 2 or more)

Differences with other classes,This can be taken in monthly units, and as the classes are only held once per week, this should suit you even if you are busy at work. This is recommended for those students who want to make learning Japanese a habit by studying every week.

Flow of the lesson

STEP.1 Warming up

The class is carried out based on different themes every week, so we start with a simple chat about themes related to the class that day.

STEP.2 Checking the dialog text

The teacher reads aloud the dialog text, and after checking that there are no problems listening and understanding it, the content is checked line by line. (This mainly concerns the meaning of vocabulary and phrases etc.)

STEP.3 Checking the grammar

Each time you learn one aspect of grammar. After checking the meaning of that grammar, you practice dialogs in which you use that grammar.

STEP.4 Homework

We shall pass you a recording of the dialog learned that day, so you can listen to it and practice repeating it, focusing on the pronunciation.(*The details of how to study will be explained to you at the time of the class.)

Class information

Intermediate Class

This is a class aimed at students with a Japanese level of N3 or above.

Mid – high level Class

This is a class aimed at students with a Japanese level of N2 or above.

High level Class

This is a class aimed at students with a Japanese level of N1.


読み込み中... 読み込み中...

This will be held at the following times on both weekdays and weekends.


※You can enter the classroom from 10 minutes before the start of each class.

This class held in October 2019. Therefore, if you make a request based on the desired level, day of the week, and timeframe, we can create a new class for you that fits in with this request.

Please contact us through inquiry form



・Students matching the respective levels of the classes.

※Be sure to have a level check test with the instructor before the class.


Tuition fee

11,000 yen (inc. of tax)/1 month(4 times × 70 mins)
※No entrance fees or course material fees are required.
※Each class shall be held with a minimum of two people. If during the course, the number of students is reduced to one, the lesson time shall be reduced to 50 minutes.

How to apply

STEP1 Consultation

・Attend a simulated lesson

Please reserve a simulated lesson from the reservation form at the bottom of this page.
We will explain the details of the lesson on that day.

・Please contact us through inquiry form 

If you are unable to participate in a trial lesson, please contact us using the following inquiry form. (Please note your Japanese level.)
It is possible for you to view an actual lesson, so please feel free to inquire.

Please contact us through inquiry form

STEP2 Submission of Application Form

We will send the participation rules to those who wish to attend.

Please submit the application form after confirming the terms and conditions.

STEP3 Payment of tuition fee

After submitting the application form, please pay tuition fee.

Payment for the first month will be in cash or by bank transfer. Please contact us separately if you wish to use bank transfer.
※You are responsible for the transfer fee.

If you wish to continue studying after the first month, we will use continuous payment by credit card.
(We shall explain the flow of the procedures at the time of your initial application).

Reservation of simulated lessons from the following reservation form

※After the reservation is completed, a confirmation mail will be sent automatically to the registered e-mail address. If it does not arrive, please check the spam folder.

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