In our school, we mainly provide classes aimed at foreign nationals living in Japan, which is mainly those working, staying with their families, or here as part of working-holiday schemes.
Currently, the class format can be selected from classroom course or online course formats, and even for the online courses, it is possible to practice conversation in the same way as is done by students in classrooms.
This means that you can attend classes even when are unable to come to the classroom on short notice due to family or work commitments.

Requests and problems related to Japanese

I want to improve my conversation skill!

I want to learn Japanese used in business scenes!

I want to speak like Japanese!

I Want to pass JLPT!

I want to speak Japanese a lot!

If you are thinking like this, please come to the class once!

Strength of OHANA BLOOM Japanese language school

We offer low price, small group, special classes, and support that cannot be found in other schools.

Comparison of Japanese language schools in Tokyo (3months class)

OHANA(*1) Japanese Language School A Japanese Language School B Japanese Language School C
Tuition Fee 92,000 yen 256,000 yen 196,500 yen 167,000 yen
The number of times 3 times a week 5 times a week 5 times a week 5 times a week
Total class hours 115h 156h 150h 150h
Tuition fee for an hour 800uyen/h 1640yen/h 1310yen/h 1110yen/h
The maximum number of people in a class 14 15 20 20
Approximate number of people in a class 10 12 18 18
Issue of VISA
Contents Focus is on conversation Focus is on Grammar and Vocabulary
Target Perople with working permit, working holiday visas, etc. Mainly international students aiming to go schools in Japan(*2)

*1: Comparing with Comprihensive Japanese Speaking Course in our school

*2: Although there are schools offering classes for people working in japan (once or twice a week), tuition fee is significantly expensive than the above.

*3: It costs 5,500 yen as a enrollment fee if you are a new student.
Special campaign due to the COVID-19: The enrollment fee is actually discounted as we currently offer a 5500yen off from the tuition fee.

Characteristics of OHANA BLOOM

Why the tuition is so cheap?

It is because the student gathers only from our Advertisement, and word of mouth and without a broker.

(Brokers get approximately 20-30% of tuition from Japanese language school as a compensation if they introduce students. Because of this, tuition is more expensive in a general Japanese language school.)

Why classes are two to three times a week?

Our classes are mainly targeted for the people working. Even though they study Japanese at classroom, they cannot master them if they do not review it well.

We offer classes two to three times a week because the people with work or part time job cannot have enough time to review if they take classes every day.

What other services do we offer?

We are also engaged in providing job introductions in Japan, real estate brokerage, and planning events where you can interact with local Japanese people, as well as offering other general support for living in Japan.

Announcement about online lesson

Lessons using zoom enable students to do conversation practice just same as lessons at the classroom. Even in online lessons, we give homework and test using our own online system, so that students can keep their motivations for longer span.

Registration for LINE

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Class list

OHANA BLOOM Japanese language school offers multiple classes to handle the need of the people who want to learn Japanese.
Choose a class that matched your need and level and let’s have fun learning Japanese!

*If you could tell us about your level of Japanese from inquiry form, we will tell you the class that matches your level.

Comprehensive Japanese speaking Course Target:JLPT N3 level or above

Class opens on January, April, July, and October

3months course on weekday morning, 3 times a week. You will learn conversation, honorific expression, Japanese culture and more through this course.

Business course Target: JLPT N2 level or above

Class opens on January, April, July, and October

3months course for 2 times a week. You will learn honorific expression and manners used in business scene from basic to practical level.

Grammar and Conversation class Target: JLPT N1-N5

Class opens on January, April, July, and October

3months courses for 2 times a week. You will learn mainly conversation and grammar in this course.

Natural Conversation Course Target: JLPT N3 level or above

Class opens on January and July

This class is once a week for 10 times. You will learn special grammar and expressions used in conversation between Japanese people.

JLPT Preparation Course Target: JLPT N2-N3 level

Class opens on April and September

This class is once a week for 10 times. This is a preparation class to pass JLPT N1 and N2. This class held once a week on weekends and starts 3months before the real examination that is done on every July and December.

Interview Preparation Course 対象:JLPT N2 level or above

Class opens regularly

This class is for 10 times. This class is preparation class for job hunting and job changes. You will learn not only how to answer in interview but also training for getting great impression.

Small Group Course Target: JLPT N1-N5

Class opens every months

This is a monthly class, once a week. You can practice many conversations in small group. Because it is small group, teacher will teach details such as pronunciations.

Japanese class in your native language Target: beginner

Class opens at any time

Native teacher of student’s mother tongue will teach basic grammar of Japanese. Native Japanese teacher will also support your learning.
* Currently only Chinese available. If you have a request for other languages, please contact us.

Online Course Target:JLPT N1-N5 level

Registration accepted at any time

This lesson is dedicated to online class using zoom. Not only one-to-one lesson, but we also offer group lesson. We also operate test and homework using our online system.

1 Coin Lesson Target: JLPT N1-N5 level

Class opens at any time

This is a class hold irregularly on weekends. You can take a lesson for 500yen.
* Currently this class is not open. We are considering reopening this class after Covid-19 pandemic.

Private lesson Target: JLPT N1-N5 level

Class opens at any time

We make your own curriculum according to your requests. Not only one-to-one but group lesson with your friends is also available.

Japanese Correction Course

Class opens at any time

We correct your Japanese. Not only correction but also, we can record sentences and give you.

Japanese Language Class Inquiry form

    Private counselingrequest for a class visitrequest for a trial lessonrequest for a online lessonother
     *"Trial lesson" is only open for the people above N3 level

    Comprehensive Japanese speaking CoursePractical business classBusiness + Daily Conversation CourseConversation class using N1 grammarConversation class using N2 grammarIntermediate Conversation CourseN3 Grammar CourseN4 Grammar CourseN5 Grammar CourseNatural Conversation CourseInterview Preparation CourseSmall Group Course

    3/9(土) 16:30-17:303/13(水) 15:30-16:303/16(土) 16:30-17:303/20(水) 15:30-16:303/23(土) 16:30-17:303/27(水) 15:30-16:303/30(土) 16:30-17:303/31(日) 16:30-17:30

    Conversation class using N1 grammarConversation class using N2 grammarConversation class using N3 grammarConversation class using N4 grammarConversation class using N5 grammarN1 Preparation classN2 Preparation classN3 Preparation classN4 Preparation classN5 Preparation classNatural Conversation classPrivate class


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     *If you checked to uncertain, please write down briefly about your learning experiences into other items.