Small Group Lesson
This is small group lesson(The maximum number of students is 6(The minimum number of students is 2)). Differ from the normal classes, we offer valuable classes that can only done in small size such as detailed conversation class and accent correction.

It is also different from other classes that this class is only once a week and available from a month unit, so these classes are easy to take for those who are busy with their works. This class is recommended for those students who wants to make habits of learning Japanese even from once a week lesson.

The way classes are operated

STEP.1 Warm Up

Easy conversation relevant to class topic. The topic of the classes is different every week.

STEP.2  Conversation Text Check

The instructor is going to read aloud conversation text relevant to class topic. After checking there is no problem listening, we will check the contents of text sentences one by one. (Mainly the meaning of vocabularies and expressions.)

STEP.3 Grammar Check

1 Grammar is taught in every lesson. After checking the meaning of Grammar, practice conversation using that grammar.

STEP.4 Home Work

The instructor gives you the recorded voice of the Conversation Text learned in the class. Listen carefully conscious to intonation and practice aloud repeatedly.
* We explain the details of how to practice when you applied to the class. * Homework of the beginner class and Pre-Intermediate class may different.

Opening class

Beginner class

Class is for students with above N5 level.

Pre-Intermediate class

Class is for students with above N4 level.

Intermediate class

Class is for students with above N3 level.

Upper Intermediate class

Class is for students with above N2 level.

Advanced class

Class is for students with N1 level.


読み込み中... 読み込み中...


* Classroom is open from 10 minutes before class starts.

Upon the request of students, we can also make a new class. Please tell us your level, day, and time. The class might be available on the time other than above time as well.

Contact form here

Eligible students

・Students who matches the level of each class.

* Level check test by the instructor is required before the class starts.

Tuition fee

11,000 yen (tax included)/month (4 times× 70 minutes)
*Enrollment fee and material fee is not needed.
* The minimum number of students is 2. In case if the number of students becomes 1 during the term, time of class is shortened to 60 minutes.

How to apply

Consultation/ level check

Come to school directly and we will do consultation of class and check your Japanese. If you wish to come for consultation, please fill out inquiry form checking “Private counseling” and please type in the contents of your inquiry. * We can personally do online consultation using zoom if you are living not close to Tokyo. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Class Visit

You can visit real class for one-class hour for free during class opening periods. After class visit, we will explain the details of the class and will check your Japanese level. If you wish to visit class, please fill out inquiry form and check “request for a class visit” and choose your preferred class. We will tell you available dates later.

Inquiry Form

* When registration is completed, confirmation email will automatically send to your registered email address. Please note if you did not get email, it might go into Spam folder.

    Private counselingrequest for a class visitrequest for a trial lessonrequest for a online lessonother
     *"Trial lesson" is only open for the people above N3 level

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    Conversation class using N1 grammarConversation class using N2 grammarConversation class using N3 grammarConversation class using N4 grammarConversation class using N5 grammarN1 Preparation classN2 Preparation classN3 Preparation classN4 Preparation classN5 Preparation classNatural Conversation classPrivate class


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     *If you checked to uncertain, please write down briefly about your learning experiences into other items.