At our school, we provide support in looking for work, or changing jobs, for foreign nationals who wish to work or find part-time jobs in Japan.

Requests and concerns regarding job hunting

I cannot find the job I want to do!

I want to find a job where I can use Japanese!

I am not so sure about my Japanese, so I am worried about working.

I am not sure how to write my curriculum vitae or employment resume.

I have tried other recruitment companies but they are not meeting my needs.

If you have felt any of the above, please stop by our school to discuss your needs!

Strengths of OHANA BLOOM

All of the support we provide in introducing you to work is, of course, free of charge!
It does not end there. Our Japanese language teachers will check your curriculum vitae or employment resume directly, and also provide you with interview practice.
Once you have entered the company, we shall provide you with training free of charge where you will learn Japanese that is commonly used in that industry, in order for you to start work with peace of mind!

Personnel recruitment company comparison

OHANA BLOOM Other companies
Charges Free of charge Free of charge(there are companies who charge for this)
Introduced companies In addition to our affiliated client companies, if there is a particular company you are interested in, we will negotiate directly with that company. Only affiliated companies
Correction of curriculum vitae and employment resume We analyze the company, and propose reasons for application and content that can be used to sell yourself, in accordance with the particular company Japanese correction only
Interview practice Japanese language teachers provide detailed Japanese advice Simple practice only
Follow-up Confirmation of job status + Japanese study support (where requested) Confirmation of job status
Others Free training on Japanese used in the industry you are entering (before entering company)



Features of OHANA BLOOM

Why is it completely free?

As is the case with other personnel recruitment, the mechanism is that we receive a fee from the hiring company once a decision has been made to hire the candidate. For this reason, we can provide support free of charge to the job seeker. The support is free of charge, but because we teach Japanese language classes, with our Japanese language support you can experience your Japanese improving while you look for employment.

How are you different from other recruitment companies?

The checking of the curriculum vitae and employment resume, and interview practice, are performed by Japanese language teachers who are Japanese language professionals. Additionally, our staff, with expertise in a wide range of industries, thoroughly analyze the company to which the application is directed and provide advice regarding reasons for application and content that can be used to sell yourself, in accordance with the particular company. Additionally, before entering the company you are individually trained on the Japanese that is commonly used in the relevant industry, so you can enter the company with peace of mind.

What kind of jobs can you introduce me to?

We will mainly introduce you to companies that are positively looking to hire foreign nationals. Our staff will actually visit the company and talk directly to the representatives there, to get a feel for the company.
If the company you wish to join is not included in the companies that we offer introductions for, we will search for a suitable company with you from scratch, and then negotiate directly with that company.

Is there follow-up after I enter the company?

We shall check the situation, as necessary, including the content of the work and employment atmosphere. You can discuss with us whenever you have a problem, and we will work with you to find a solution. For those who request it, we shall make a Japanese language learning plan, and constantly follow-up so you can achieve this plan while working.

Hiring flow

STEP.1 Web registration

Please fill in the necessary items from the job applicant registration form at the bottom of this page and let us know your preferred date and time for a consultation. Our representative shall contact you with a date and time for the meeting.

STEP.2 Consultation

You will visit our company and our representative shall interview you regarding your current status. Based on the results of this interview, we shall introduce you to an opportunity in line with your desired area of work.

STEP.3 Submit curriculum vitae, employment resume

You will submit your curriculum vitae and employment resume. For those who are not sure how to write these, please be assured that our Japanese language instructors will directly provide you with advice to help you.

STEP.4 Interview

We shall arrange the date and time for the interview with the company. (Where requested, we can provide you with interview practice on an individual basis before the interview.)

STEP.5 Job offer

Once the company make an offer, we shall negotiate an employment contract with the company.

STEP.6 Japanese language training

We shall provide you with training for Japanese often used in the industry of the hiring company. This training will allow you to enter the company with peace of mind.

STEP.7 Enter company

Finally, you will start your new job. You can consult with us at any time, if you have a problem, or there is something you would like to discuss.


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Job applicant registration form

If you would like a consultation regarding your job search, please fill out the necessary items on the following form and enter the desired date and time for the consultation.

*For appointments on the same day or next day, please make your inquiry by telephone. TEL:03-6907-3787

*After completion of the registration, a confirmation email shall be sent automatically to your registered email address. Please note that if it does not arrive, it may have been placed into your spam email folder.

*Our representatives shall contact you within 24 hours of this automatic response to fix the appointment. Please note that the appointment is not fixed until we contact you.


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